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 Our 5 day outreach to Orange was the most incredible short outreach we've ever had! From the very beginning to the very end the Holy Spirit was speaking to us clearly about how He wanted us to reach out to people. For example the minute after we got in the car we started praying aloud and writing down scriptures on paper to give out to people to encourage ad share God's love with them. At the first stop at a petrol (gas) station our friend Sanerive felt God tell him to give one of the scripture he wrote out of Romans to a mans man counsel worker type guy in a neon jacket. So he walked over to the guy and told him that he wanted to give him this word out of the Bible to encourage him. The man said something like no thanks mate, you can read your Bible, I am fine. So Sanerive and the rest of s walked out to the car feeling a little discouraged but wanted to pray for him anyways. As we were praying and pulling out of the parking lot, the man runs out to us and says "give me that paper". Sanerive gave it to him and he ran off. We couldn't believe how hungary he was for that word!!! God spoke to us that this was what the rest of our outreach would be like, and it sure was!

We were also able to spend the last evening and next day with our friend Ben's, (from our Thailand outreach team who passed away in September) family and a few of his friends. To make a long story short. We were able to talk and share awesome stories of things Jesus did in the Bible to share testimonies of things God has done in our lives, things we'd seen Him do in others lives and about how God forgives us of sin if we ask Him into our hearts/lives. By the last hour we were there Ben's friend was so soft hearted and he said to us something like, in the past two days my life has been transformed by you guys coming (the Holy Spirit touching him) and all my views of who I thought God was have changed. Our friend Danny asked him if he wanted to start a relationships with Jesus, after we explained what exactly that meant and he said yes so we prayed with him and he chose to become a Christian! Praise Go! We are already seeing this change affect how he treats people and already got a report that he is starting to go to church with another one of Ben's friends! We are so in awe of how powerful the Holy Spirit is, how He's so gentle and loves us so much. 

Also for Scott and I it was really good to meet Ben's family since we were not able to go to his funeral (we were visiting my family in the USA). Ben's mom Leesa was able to show us where the accident happened and show us his room, letters, photos, share stories, etc and it was so good in helping us grieve and even to see how Ben's total transformation from before to after becoming a Christian has effected so many of the young people's lives where he lives. Thank you Lord for an awesome trip! We give you glory and praise you for everything you did!