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Why Hawaii, why Film School? 
Scott has a dream full of restoration, peace and purpose. Scott can see young and old discovering a father that hasn't just created them but has unconditional love, acceptance, purpose, and a beautiful plan for their lives. 
At the age of 17 I started to see my hobby of film making take shape into something that could potentially have great influence. University of the Nations Hawaii has a course called School of Digital Film Making which involves intensive training in topics such as directing, producing, screen writing, digital and film camera operation, lighting for film and video, digital sound, computerized editing, working with actors, and other technical aspects of filmmaking, as well as a comprehensive view of the film industry. Scott has submitted his application and is eagerly waiting for a result! Just yesterday he got the news he has been ACCEPTED!  

New mercy ministry begins!
 Tina’s heart is to use counseling and mercy ministries to help women discover they have a hope and a future in Christ. Over the past few years of being in YWAM God has been stirring her heart for Mercy ministries and seeing women in our local brothels be reached with the love of God. Over the past several months a group of young women, including myself, who share in this passion, have been praying about how to take action! We felt God give us the go ahead and are getting trained up to start a new ministry reaching out to the women involved in prostitution in our city. It involves us sharing God's love through words of love, giving gifts, and offering services such as professional counseling, some one to talk to, connecting them with a lawyer if they need, medical services, etc to show the women they are valuable to us and to God.
Tina has also applied for a course in Kona, Hawaii called Foundations for Counseling Ministry that is running the same time as Scott's school starting April 5th of this year! She knows it will better equip her in understanding and walking the women in Rehab through deeper spiritual, mentally and emotional healing.

Please pray for God’s hand on our applications as we have felt Him speak clearly to us about pursuing these schools!